Thursday, 27 November 2014

Table Mat

Hi everyone, Here are just a couple of things for you. Firstly is the xmas table mat I have made. It is made an Origami mat made with fabric. I have used heat resistant wadding in it so is nice and thick to  save your table. I got the pattern from a blog called

I hope this link works if not google will find it for you I am sure.

I think the trees are really lovely this autumn, this is a tree in the grounds of the Hurst community Centre where we hold our twice weekly clubs. I think it is really beautiful

That's all for now, hopefully I might have some Christmas cards to show you shortly, (when I have made them) haha!!
Take care
Sue xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Some cards

Hi Everyone
I thought it about time I put some more cards on here.  The first two are stitched cards, the first one having a lot of beads added.
I am afraid I have got a bit lazy in keeping this blog up to date, so will try to improve. Famous last words!!.

The next one is a stamped card and decorated with card candy and blobs of glitter glue.

Finally here is one I have done for a Grandson using Promarker pens, he is very keen on fishing so thought this appropriate

Well that's all for today, thanks for looking in. Comments are always appreciated
Take care
Sue xx

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sophia is a Winner

Here is a picture of our youngest member at the Card Stitching group. She has been with the club now for a couple of years.
At the Grand Old Age of 12 she has beaten all of the rest of us ladies in a card stitching contest held at the club, her stitching is beautiful and she is now learning how to mount them, she did really well with this one, keep it up Sophia.
She is a very proud young lady, deservedly so, and the picture shows her with her prize winning card and her reward of a £10.00 voucher to spend at Hobbycraft.
I wonder what she will spend it on, I bet it won't take long for her to make up her mind.
If you would like to  leave her a comment on here, I will make sure she sees it.
Thank you for looking in, I am sure you will agree Sophia is good at card making. 
I will be back soon with some more of my bits and pieces, just wanted to get this on here before she has to go back to school.
Take care Sue xx

Monday, 30 June 2014

Bunny Lovey, Bag and Card

Hi Everyone
Here are a few of the projects I have very recently completed.
The Bunny Lovey (child's cuddly blanket with Bunny attached) is from a pattern I found on Pinterest, by The Stitchin' Mommy. Her patterns are very easy to follow, and I have just added a couple of frills around the neck of the bunny. This is going to be for another Great Grand-daughter, due in September.

The bag is crocheted in Crocodile Stitch, also known as scale stitch.  I found the link on you tube to Meladora's tutorial. Being Left handed I had great problems trying to do it, and found Meladora's instructions for left handed very easy to follow, so many thanks to her.  I have now started a small black one using thinner wool, I am hoping to make it into an evening bag, I will put a picture on here if it turns out OK.

Finally the card I have done for my son-in-law was inspired by a picture on Hope & Chances Creativity, Christine kindly gave a link to Angela Dodson's blog. Her one is much better than mine, but I was quite happy with the finished card. I only had a very dark grey leather look card, it doesn't show up the grain as much as Angela's does. I will have to get some lighter card from Hope & Chances.

So thanks to all you lovely ladies that have inspired me with these projects.

Thanks for looking in, your comments are always appreciated, take care
Sue xx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

If You don't Like Bugs, LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

Hi Everyone
Just had to let you all see my little visitor that was on my wall yesterday.
It was a Female Stag Beetle, the Male has long antlers, (that was the only way I checked it out LOL!!)
It was about 2 inches long and was very good at staying in position for me to photograph it.
It flew away as soon as I was done, the wing span must have made it up to at least 3 inches wide (THAT'S BIG)
I thought it was a lesser stag beetle at first but it has a different back markings. We get them come into our garden every year, but this was the first POSER !!
Cute isn't it Ha Ha!!
I promise the next photo's I put on will be of my craft work, just couldn't resist this one.
Take care everyone
Sue xx

Monday, 9 June 2014

West Ham Football supporters card

My grandson Charlie has another birthday coming up, where does time go.. He is an avid Westham supporter, I would even go as far as saying a fanatical supporter LOL!!
I have been wanting to do one of these exploding cards for sometime now, I love it because it lays flat for posting. It took a long time to make but I think the end result was pretty good, hope you like it.
I have also been making some mens cards (never know quite what to do for them).
The London scene one was made using Xcut scene-it die, the one with guitars using Tattered lace die and the other one was done with a stamps from The Artistic Stamper and Distress inks.

Thanks for looking in, take care everyone Sue xx

Another Great Grand-daughter

Hi Everyone
Hope you are all well.
I have another gorgeous Great Grand-daughter, she is the sweetest little thing and her name is Pippa. She is being held by one of my Great-Grandson (not brother and sister) Rocco (looking very proud).  I think it is a very lovely photo. Here is the card and baby blanket I have made for her.
Well I have one more little girl coming later this year, in September so am making yet another blanket.
(I love doing it really).
I have hit on this crochet basket weave pattern again, I did it years ago and now I am seeing it everywhere.
The old vintage patterns have the habit of coming to life again don't they.

Thank you for looking in, and I really appreciate any comments
Take care everyone, Sue xx

Monday, 26 May 2014

Birthday Cards

Hi, here are a couple of Birthday Cards I have recently made.
The First one was for Janice at the craft club, she is another one like me who loves all sorts of crafts, give her a needle or a pair of scissors and she is a very happy lady.
Check her blog out and you will see what I mean:-

The Second card is one I made for Carol at the craft club, I made this one using the Hobbydots.

Thanks for looking in. I have just grabbed a couple of minutes to put these on, now must go and put the washing out, then go shopping, must make a sponge this afternoon, cards to make, OH!! Dear what a busy time it is being retired LOL!!
I will be back soon
Sue xx

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pretty little Box

Hi Everyone
I have just made this pretty little box. I say just made it, but it has taken me a couple of weeks to complete it, still I think it was worth the effort.
The top is an easel so will fold down if I needed to post it, BUT I AM NOT GOING TO haha!!
It is for me. I used brown card with cream butterflies and then the reverse of the card ie cream with brown butterflies, and then bought in the pink roses from my stash, a bit of ribbon, tassel and beads.
I hope you like it
I have been busy today making Birthday cards but can't show them yet as the birthdays aren't here just yet, I will show them later.
Thanks for looking in, take care
Sue xx

Sunday, 27 April 2014

And another Lovely Great Grandson

Hi Ladies
Well this week has been lovely, my Grandson has now given me another Lovely Great Grandson.
This one is Great Grandchild number 7, and I have 2 more due this year.  I haven't managed to get my hands on him yet as he is rather a long way away, but no doubt it will soon happen.
Here is a picture of him ,he  weighed in at 7lb 3oz and is named George Ray.
I have crocheted a blanket for him and also made a card for his parents, pictures follow.
I have been busy sewing this weekend, I have made a craft bin. I used Simplicity pattern 4232.
A friend made one recently and although I have had the pattern for ages I had never got round to doing it,
so thanks Janice you inspired me. I must agree Janice there were lots of groans from me doing it, I don't think I shall be in a hurry to do another.
I had bought 2 pieces of Owl pattern material from Ebay, one with black background and the other white, so had enough to make it.
I am also adding a card that I have just made for one of my Grand-daughters.
Baby George Ray

The crocheted Blanket I made him

The card for his Mum & Dad

Craft Bin (nightmare job) LOL!!

Card for Grand-daughter Melanie

Well that is all for now, hopefully will be back with more soon.
Hope you are all keeping well
Thanks for looking in
Sue xx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hi Everyone
Here are a few projects that I have been doing lately, there's a bit of colouring, beading, card stitching, book covering  and sewing.
This card I coloured in with my fabulous Promarkers 
This Card I borrowed my good friend Sandy's lace stamp, I then embossed it in black, I made the flower using the loose silk petals from the wedding department of Hobbycraft

This card I stitched one of Emilie Design patterns and beaded it. It took loads of beads as you can see, I really enjoyed doing it. Not one for the post though, all that work, I couldn't bear the thought of the beads getting broken.

This is the book cover, it is made using Craft paper and Glycerine and water mix, the decorations were used with black scratch card with gold in the middle, after cutting and embossing with spellbinders dies I ran over it with emery board to take some of the black off to reveal the gold. I rather like the effect.

This is the card I made for my Daughter, her favourite colour is lilac.

Well I have been inspired by the lovely programme Sewing Bee, I am hooked on the programme.  I know it looks like a night shirt, LOL!! but it is not for bed, haha!! I couldn't get a very good picture of it, it is a long length cotton top, it has slits up the side and is in white with a very small pattern on it in black.  It looks OK on, honest. It's the first clothing item I have made for years, hoping to get back to it more And hopefully the more complicated designs will follow, fingers crossed.

Well that's all for now folks, have a really good week, and thanks for looking in.

Take care Sue xx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A few cards I have recently made

Hi Everyone
Well at last I am back. I had a stroke just before Christmas and at last am now managing to make a few cards. My daughter gave me a Thomas Kinkade 3CD set for Christmas and that has made life a lot easier to make the cards.  I am really missing the stitching ones but at last have just managed one which I am a bit proud of. The stroke was very scarey, fortunately I only lost the use of my left  side, being left handed that was a real problem. But me being very stubborn has got me going again LOL!!  I have had a lot of support from my lovely family and friends who encouraged me to keep it up.
Well that's enough of that boring stuff, I have now got a few cards for you to look at.
The first one is the one I stitched and made an origami paper bow for the centre (how good is that haha!!)

The rest are from the Thomas Kinkade cd, not my usual stitching but determination got me going with them

Oops!! the one above this is from the lovely cd Crazy Cats, the images are sooooooo cute
Hope you all are keeping well,
Hopefully I will be back soon
Thanks for dropping by
Sue xx