Friday, 22 June 2012

My Second Quilt finished

Hi Everyone
Long time no show on here. I have now finished my second quilt, I have loads of things on the go and now think I had better get a few bits on here. I have appliqued the Pink flowers onto the black and white squares. I used the brightest pink I could find to give it some life.  I then backed the quilt with lovely soft and cuddly fleece with little paw prints on it (how cute) then I secured it all with some very tiny black and white buttons. It worked well.  I hate sewing buttons on, so did that part whilst watching all the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and had a couple of glasses of wine to help (lovely mmm!!). Yep even with the wine it all turned out OK, hope you like it.
I will soon get round to putting some cards on here, I have a few to sort out.  So busy, busy busy of late, don't know where the time is going to, somebody pleeeeese tell it to slow down.
Take care everyone, and thanks for looking