Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Purple flower

I borrowed this stamp from Linda, it seems as though I keep borrowing at the moment, any one would think I haven't got any stamps myself. It's really funny because however many you have you always see another one you like  hey ho!!
I used my promarkers for a change he he!! and then glittered the flowers, I think it all matches well in different colours purple and mauve.
Thanks for looking

Open Wide

I borrowed this lovely stamp from my friend Maureen, I think it is so cute. I think I will have to borrow it again.  I coloured it in with the jolly old Promarkers as usual. I think my great grandson will like it.
The second one is for his Grandad who loves motorbikes.
Thanks for looking

Monday, 13 June 2011

Grumpy Little Miss

I have just done these 2 Grumpy little miss cards, the 1st one I stitched a border using Anns paper art pattern A034, using metallic variegated threads and then coloured little miss in summery colours finished it off with a bit of glitter and card candies. The stamp is such a cutie from Lili of the Valley.
The 2nd one I did in reds and greens Promarkers then mounted on similar colours and hey presto MY FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD THIS YEAR ha ha!!
I am showing off now as I have done 2 christmas cards today, the 2nd one is also a Lili of the Valley stamp.   I hear that midnight tonight, the new little girly ones are being released by LOTV.
I had better resist them for a while have just bought a whole load of their stamps and had better give it a rest .  Take care everyone, and be lucky

Thank you for looking

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sweet Love

This is just one more for today, I have stitched Anns Paper Art pattern a277 and used another of Lili of the Valley stamps, and guess what I have coloured it in with, yep you've got it Promarkers ha ha!!
I am now going to put this one on Anns forum.
Thanks for looking

Anns Paper Art pattern a269

This is a lovely pattern from Anns Paper Art no. A269, I have stamped the little boy in a chair reading a newspaper and coloured it in with the fab Promarkers.
The stamp is from Lili of the Valley stamps, their stamps are so cute I have just ordered more, I am supposed to be saving pennies but hey ho, I can only spend it once.  The card I have used is by Anna Marie designs, it is fabulous for stamping on, using Promarkers on and also stitching, so I am a happy little bunny now I have that sorted ha ha!!
Thanks for looking

Monday, 6 June 2011

40th Birthday Card

This is another really cute one, I have made it for my next door neighbours 40th Birthday. He is going on a cruise to celebrate his 40th so thought the camera was quite apt.  It was another one I bought off June from the Stitch-a-greeting Craft Group. I think it is really cute. Also another one I have coloured with the Promarkers.
When will she give up on them I hear you ask, never, never I say. I love them.

I Love Windmills

I bought this lovely stamp from one of the ladies at the Stitch-a-greeting Craft Group, she bought in a load of stamps she no longer uses (She is not having this one back he he). I coloured it with the fabulous Promarkers, I thought I'd give one a slightly wedgewood effect, and the other one a slight sepia touch.
That's very slight for both but I was quite happy with the results of both. Thanks June for the stamps.
Hope you like them and thank you for looking.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Couple more cards

Well, Surprise Surprise, here are a couple more cards that I have used the fabulous Promarkers on.
Also the stamps purchased from Lili of the Valley.

Don't worry ladies I will be bringing in more stitched patterns using Anns Patterns, but I am not saying that I won't use Promarkers  LOL!!

Cutie with Puppy

I have stitched a small section from one of Anns Paper Art patterns in sparkle thread and then stamped the little girl with puppy using a stamp from Lili of the Valley and coloured it in using Promarkers.
I am afraid that all my cards at the moment are coming up with Promarkers being used on them, I seem to be addicted to them.  A year ago when everyone was really getting into them I was saying I shan't be using them I have loads of other pens I use. Now look at me, I have given my other pens to my daughter and am hooked on Promarkers ha ha!!
I expect the novelty will wear off a bit in time and I will be hooked on other things, LOL!!!
Watch this space, you never know what will turn up ha ha!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This is a card I stitched using Anns pattern from Card Deco book No. 3, I love the pattern it is one I have used loads of times.  I coloured the Fairy in using my new Promarkers, I am so glad I went on the course organised by Lili of the Valley.  This is one of their many lovely stamps.
It is the card I have made for my Great Grandaughters Christening later on this month.