Thursday, 16 June 2016

5 Aprons, 5 Books and a Card

Hi Everyone


I have just had a busy time, I had to get this lot done before my Holiday, I am surprised that I managed to get them done.

The aprons are small ones for the staff at the school where my daughter works to keep their ipad, pens and notebook in. I made them all in the same pattern but different colours.

 The next 4 pictures are of the books I have made for the library for my daughters school

The following books are for 3 of our Great Grandchildren


and finally a card I have stitched with multi-coloured metallic threads

for a Grandson

OK that will do for now.  As you can see with the books that I am showing the front and then the folded part of the books spelling out their names.

Sometime ago I said I would make all of the great grandchildren a book with their names on as an ornament.  

Not an easy task, we have 14 great grandchildren  at the moment, 3 more on the way haha!!  7 done so far so long way to go.  I should have thought about it all first haha!!

Well no more till after my hols, I need a break.

Have a good weekend happy crafting and take care everyone

Love Sue xx