Saturday, 22 October 2011

Card for my friend Sue

Hi again, I thought you might all like to see this card I made for my very good friend Sue.
I had to make her a card as a punishment on Anns Paper Art forum, we have a good game going
at the moment where we get punished for using certain words, it's good fun.
Anyway I had to make the card for Sue, and as she is terrified of spiders I made this card for her,
(Some friend I hear you say) LOL
Thanks for looking

Birthday Card

I stitched this pattern using a pattern by Sjaak van Went, I used hobbydots around the edge of
the design, I was rather pleased with the results, hope you like it.
Thank you for looking
Sue x

Another Christmas Card

I have just decided to add this card, I used a pattern by Sjaak van Went for this one.
I hope you like it
Thank you for looking in
Sue x

Some of My Christmas Cards

It has been absolutely ages since I last posted on here.  I have been down my workshop this afternoon and assembled some cards, so thought it time I added them on here.
They were all stitched using Anns Paper Art patterns, I really love her patterns.
I do use other patterns but Anns are my favourites.
I hope you like them, and thank you for looking in

Sue x