Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Chair backs and another book

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well on this rainy Wednesday.

It started out lovely and sunny this morning, but by the time I got ready to go and hide in my craft room (summerhouse) it was absolutely tipping it down. So stayed indoors and crafted for a change, now there is stuff everywhere, got to shift it soon as got to go to hospital for hubby chemo.

First of all at the weekend I decided to make some chair backs, I had weighted the backs with little lead weights to keep them in place (it works) the only thing whilst I was machining I kept forgetting them and ended up breaking 4 machine needles (oops!!) haha

And now for yet another book. This one is an order for someone and I have only then got 2 more to decorate (they have been folded) and then finally up to date for now.

Well that's the lot for now.

I have got to put stuff away and finish crocheting a border on a cardigan for a friend and go to the hospital, cook dinner and finally might be able to get back to my 5D diamond painting.  

Have a good day, take care

Sue xx