Monday, 7 November 2016

Some Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone

Well as I haven't posted on here since June I thought it best to show a few.

The first two cards are made using the Tagxedo programme. It's a fantastic site where you can put on your own words, pick a shape and choose a selection of colours.  I am rather hooked on it, it's great fun.

The next one I used the Pixie Powders, diecut the piece of card and then embossed it.
It is another new thing I have tried, great fun, and also addictive.


The final 2 are just plain straight forward cards, the man one was for my brother in law, he loves trains so thought it quite fitting.

Well that's all for now.  I will try not to leave it too long before the next lot.

I also do the entries on 2 other blogs so why not have a look in.

Thanks for looking in, comments will be appreciated

Happy Crafting  Sue xx

Thursday, 16 June 2016

5 Aprons, 5 Books and a Card

Hi Everyone


I have just had a busy time, I had to get this lot done before my Holiday, I am surprised that I managed to get them done.

The aprons are small ones for the staff at the school where my daughter works to keep their ipad, pens and notebook in. I made them all in the same pattern but different colours.

 The next 4 pictures are of the books I have made for the library for my daughters school

The following books are for 3 of our Great Grandchildren


and finally a card I have stitched with multi-coloured metallic threads

for a Grandson

OK that will do for now.  As you can see with the books that I am showing the front and then the folded part of the books spelling out their names.

Sometime ago I said I would make all of the great grandchildren a book with their names on as an ornament.  

Not an easy task, we have 14 great grandchildren  at the moment, 3 more on the way haha!!  7 done so far so long way to go.  I should have thought about it all first haha!!

Well no more till after my hols, I need a break.

Have a good weekend happy crafting and take care everyone

Love Sue xx

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

2 Weddings coming up

Hi Everyone
Here are photos of the two Wedding Cards and Books that I have made.

The first one is for a Grandaughter getting married this Saturday and the other one is for my Nephew getting married the following Saturday.

You would think they could have given us a couple of weeks in between and yes they are all related so I have had to get two different outfits haha!!  (Any excuse to buy new clothes) After all I cannot be seen to be wearing the same outfit to both can I.

The cards are made with vellum and the bell design is from Groovi Plates by Clarity Stamps, and the book design of Bride and Groom is by Cheryl JC of Bookami. The Mr & Mrs is one I have made using the Bookami Design programme that I had for Christmas.

The Card and book above are for this weeks wedding

And the ones below are for the following week

Thank you for looking in, any comments will be appreciated. Have a good week everyone
happy crafting Sue xx

Friday, 1 April 2016

One more Book and Couple cards

Hi Everyone

The Book is one I have made for an order for a school library. They are going to put it on display to help encourage the little ones to read more.

The card for Carol was made using the Groovi Plates by Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps, I have the bug so there will be more coming now I have a few plates. It's a great system and very easy to do.
They even call it addictive, take it from me they are haha.

The other card is one I made for my sister wishing her well.

That's all for today. Any comments will be appreciated, many thanks.

Whilst I have your attention please have a look at the blog I do for a very dear friend

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Chair backs and another book

Hi Everyone, hope you are all well on this rainy Wednesday.

It started out lovely and sunny this morning, but by the time I got ready to go and hide in my craft room (summerhouse) it was absolutely tipping it down. So stayed indoors and crafted for a change, now there is stuff everywhere, got to shift it soon as got to go to hospital for hubby chemo.

First of all at the weekend I decided to make some chair backs, I had weighted the backs with little lead weights to keep them in place (it works) the only thing whilst I was machining I kept forgetting them and ended up breaking 4 machine needles (oops!!) haha

And now for yet another book. This one is an order for someone and I have only then got 2 more to decorate (they have been folded) and then finally up to date for now.

Well that's the lot for now.

I have got to put stuff away and finish crocheting a border on a cardigan for a friend and go to the hospital, cook dinner and finally might be able to get back to my 5D diamond painting.  

Have a good day, take care

Sue xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Book Folding by Anne

Hi Everyone
I am just putting this one on tonight. Anne at our Tuesday club has just attempted her first book folding, and I think it turned out so well I have decided to share it with you.

Lovely isn't it.

Thanks for taking the time to look, I will show Anne any comments made, she will be so chuffed.

I think I have made another convert, it is a lovely relaxing alternative craft.

By for now Sue xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Book folding

Well Hello There
It has been a long long time since I put anything on here. Had trouble with it everytime I tried so gave it up as a bad job.
Well thought I would have a try again so here goes.
I have now got into the book folding hobby and am really addicted to it so here are a couple of pics of them. Hope it works

 ooohh I think it has worked fingers crossed.

Take care everyone, will be back soon xx