Thursday, 22 December 2011


This is the bookmark I have made for the contest on Anns Paper Art Forum, it was really good to do this sort of thing for a change.
I think it's about time I got a bit more adventurous with my things, I should be like Penny and work outside the box more often, she comes up with lovely items by doing that.
The pattern I used for this book mark is one of Ann's and the number is a352.
Hope you like it
Thanks for looking

Birthday card for my Son

I have made this card for my eldest son who will be 46 on 30th December, oh dear, how old does that make me feel.
The stitched pattern is from A & N, so lovely to do.  The reason I did the ace of diamonds is that people call him a diamon geezer, so I thought it quite apt.
The gold coloured backing paper is actually wallpaper, how cheap is that ha ha!!
Amazing how we crafters can save a penny or two LOL,  it leaves more pennies for crafting goodies.
Hope you like it,
Thanks for looking

Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st Birthday Card

This is the 1st Birthday Card I made for my Great Grand-daughter Ava Grace.  Where has time
gone to, I can't believe she is one already.
I have used pattern a357 from Ann's Paper Art, I had better get the number 2 that she has designed, before I know where I am little Ava will be celebrating that one. ha ha!!
Thank you for looking

Monday, 28 November 2011

Card for Engagement

This is the card I made for my Grandaughters Engagement.  Georgina got engaged to Adam at her
21st Birthday Party, in Warrington.
We had a lovely time at the Party and stayed in Warrington so that we could visit my husbands family
who live nearby, we had a really good weekend, surrounded by lovely children,  grandchildren and great grandchildren.
For this card, I used my new Martha Stewart round the page punch, put lots of little hearts and bits in a dome.  The buckle is also a new die from Making memories.   So buckles with everything now ha ha!!
Thanks for looking

Friday, 4 November 2011

21st Birthday Card

I have just made this card for Georgina one of my Grand-daughters. She is very shortly going to be 21 and she is also getting engaged on her Birthday. She lives in Warrington so my hubby and I are going up there for a few days.

There is going to be a big Party on the Saturday night and then on the Sunday we are going visiting the rest of the family that live in the area.  A good time will be had by all.

I used a Martha Stewart punch on the corners, the centre cut outs were made by using an EK Success
The centre of the card I played with a Marianne Design Stencil, I used just part of it and then stitched the design.  The Stencil is a Mandala one, so I only used part of it, I am going to have a go at using the whole stencil shortly.

Thank you for looking

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Card for my friend Sue

Hi again, I thought you might all like to see this card I made for my very good friend Sue.
I had to make her a card as a punishment on Anns Paper Art forum, we have a good game going
at the moment where we get punished for using certain words, it's good fun.
Anyway I had to make the card for Sue, and as she is terrified of spiders I made this card for her,
(Some friend I hear you say) LOL
Thanks for looking

Birthday Card

I stitched this pattern using a pattern by Sjaak van Went, I used hobbydots around the edge of
the design, I was rather pleased with the results, hope you like it.
Thank you for looking
Sue x

Another Christmas Card

I have just decided to add this card, I used a pattern by Sjaak van Went for this one.
I hope you like it
Thank you for looking in
Sue x

Some of My Christmas Cards

It has been absolutely ages since I last posted on here.  I have been down my workshop this afternoon and assembled some cards, so thought it time I added them on here.
They were all stitched using Anns Paper Art patterns, I really love her patterns.
I do use other patterns but Anns are my favourites.
I hope you like them, and thank you for looking in

Sue x

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Birthday card for Friend

I made this card for my friend Maureen.  I coloured this delightful Lili of the Valley stamp using promarkers and giving it a slightly sepia look with pink and then did the stitching with sparkly variegated thread. 
Thanks for looking

Card I made for my Friend

This was a card I made for my Friend Sue, it was a card I had to make for using a banned word in
Anns Paper Art Forum. It's a funny game that we are all playing, great fun.

I used Anns pattern A037 for it, mounted it on a 8" card and added the roses and butterfly.  I have just bought the Martha Stewart corner punch, I really love it, and I expect you will see it crop up here very often
Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Open Wide feed time

And finally for now, here's the cute little mice again. This time opening wide for food.
Thanks to Maureen from the club, this is another stamp I borrowed from her, I just love mice.
Hope you like them, Sue x

Here's a few more of Lili of the Valley stamps

Hi everyone,
I thought it about time I added a few more cards on here, I have been at the Lili of the Valley stamps again with my promarkers, yes I am still loving them.
So here goes, hope you like them, and thanks for looking

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Purple flower

I borrowed this stamp from Linda, it seems as though I keep borrowing at the moment, any one would think I haven't got any stamps myself. It's really funny because however many you have you always see another one you like  hey ho!!
I used my promarkers for a change he he!! and then glittered the flowers, I think it all matches well in different colours purple and mauve.
Thanks for looking

Open Wide

I borrowed this lovely stamp from my friend Maureen, I think it is so cute. I think I will have to borrow it again.  I coloured it in with the jolly old Promarkers as usual. I think my great grandson will like it.
The second one is for his Grandad who loves motorbikes.
Thanks for looking

Monday, 13 June 2011

Grumpy Little Miss

I have just done these 2 Grumpy little miss cards, the 1st one I stitched a border using Anns paper art pattern A034, using metallic variegated threads and then coloured little miss in summery colours finished it off with a bit of glitter and card candies. The stamp is such a cutie from Lili of the Valley.
The 2nd one I did in reds and greens Promarkers then mounted on similar colours and hey presto MY FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD THIS YEAR ha ha!!
I am showing off now as I have done 2 christmas cards today, the 2nd one is also a Lili of the Valley stamp.   I hear that midnight tonight, the new little girly ones are being released by LOTV.
I had better resist them for a while have just bought a whole load of their stamps and had better give it a rest .  Take care everyone, and be lucky

Thank you for looking

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sweet Love

This is just one more for today, I have stitched Anns Paper Art pattern a277 and used another of Lili of the Valley stamps, and guess what I have coloured it in with, yep you've got it Promarkers ha ha!!
I am now going to put this one on Anns forum.
Thanks for looking

Anns Paper Art pattern a269

This is a lovely pattern from Anns Paper Art no. A269, I have stamped the little boy in a chair reading a newspaper and coloured it in with the fab Promarkers.
The stamp is from Lili of the Valley stamps, their stamps are so cute I have just ordered more, I am supposed to be saving pennies but hey ho, I can only spend it once.  The card I have used is by Anna Marie designs, it is fabulous for stamping on, using Promarkers on and also stitching, so I am a happy little bunny now I have that sorted ha ha!!
Thanks for looking

Monday, 6 June 2011

40th Birthday Card

This is another really cute one, I have made it for my next door neighbours 40th Birthday. He is going on a cruise to celebrate his 40th so thought the camera was quite apt.  It was another one I bought off June from the Stitch-a-greeting Craft Group. I think it is really cute. Also another one I have coloured with the Promarkers.
When will she give up on them I hear you ask, never, never I say. I love them.

I Love Windmills

I bought this lovely stamp from one of the ladies at the Stitch-a-greeting Craft Group, she bought in a load of stamps she no longer uses (She is not having this one back he he). I coloured it with the fabulous Promarkers, I thought I'd give one a slightly wedgewood effect, and the other one a slight sepia touch.
That's very slight for both but I was quite happy with the results of both. Thanks June for the stamps.
Hope you like them and thank you for looking.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Couple more cards

Well, Surprise Surprise, here are a couple more cards that I have used the fabulous Promarkers on.
Also the stamps purchased from Lili of the Valley.

Don't worry ladies I will be bringing in more stitched patterns using Anns Patterns, but I am not saying that I won't use Promarkers  LOL!!

Cutie with Puppy

I have stitched a small section from one of Anns Paper Art patterns in sparkle thread and then stamped the little girl with puppy using a stamp from Lili of the Valley and coloured it in using Promarkers.
I am afraid that all my cards at the moment are coming up with Promarkers being used on them, I seem to be addicted to them.  A year ago when everyone was really getting into them I was saying I shan't be using them I have loads of other pens I use. Now look at me, I have given my other pens to my daughter and am hooked on Promarkers ha ha!!
I expect the novelty will wear off a bit in time and I will be hooked on other things, LOL!!!
Watch this space, you never know what will turn up ha ha!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This is a card I stitched using Anns pattern from Card Deco book No. 3, I love the pattern it is one I have used loads of times.  I coloured the Fairy in using my new Promarkers, I am so glad I went on the course organised by Lili of the Valley.  This is one of their many lovely stamps.
It is the card I have made for my Great Grandaughters Christening later on this month.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mice having fun

I recently went on a Masterclass to teach me the correct way of using Promarkers.  The course was organized by Lili of the Valley Stamps, it was an excellent experience, I think I learnt loads.
I have done this card of mice having fun with icing sugar and am rather chuffed at the result. The stamp is one from Lili of the Valley, I think it is so cute.
I am going now as I want to do some ordering for the ladies at the club. I will put all the details on here when I have worked out how to do a link.
bye for now

Monday, 30 May 2011

Anns Pattern a604

I have made this card using Anns Paper Art pattern a604
After stitching the pattern I made a rosette using wired ribbon and then added a handmade rose.
I am keeping this one short as it's getting late now, and finding my way around this site is doing my brain in.
I have a whole batch of cards ready to come on here after I have had a good nights sleep. I will be back tomorrow and add a few more and find my way round here.
Night night