Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A few cards I have recently made

Hi Everyone
Well at last I am back. I had a stroke just before Christmas and at last am now managing to make a few cards. My daughter gave me a Thomas Kinkade 3CD set for Christmas and that has made life a lot easier to make the cards.  I am really missing the stitching ones but at last have just managed one which I am a bit proud of. The stroke was very scarey, fortunately I only lost the use of my left  side, being left handed that was a real problem. But me being very stubborn has got me going again LOL!!  I have had a lot of support from my lovely family and friends who encouraged me to keep it up.
Well that's enough of that boring stuff, I have now got a few cards for you to look at.
The first one is the one I stitched and made an origami paper bow for the centre (how good is that haha!!)

The rest are from the Thomas Kinkade cd, not my usual stitching but determination got me going with them

Oops!! the one above this is from the lovely cd Crazy Cats, the images are sooooooo cute
Hope you all are keeping well,
Hopefully I will be back soon
Thanks for dropping by
Sue xx