Monday, 30 June 2014

Bunny Lovey, Bag and Card

Hi Everyone
Here are a few of the projects I have very recently completed.
The Bunny Lovey (child's cuddly blanket with Bunny attached) is from a pattern I found on Pinterest, by The Stitchin' Mommy. Her patterns are very easy to follow, and I have just added a couple of frills around the neck of the bunny. This is going to be for another Great Grand-daughter, due in September.

The bag is crocheted in Crocodile Stitch, also known as scale stitch.  I found the link on you tube to Meladora's tutorial. Being Left handed I had great problems trying to do it, and found Meladora's instructions for left handed very easy to follow, so many thanks to her.  I have now started a small black one using thinner wool, I am hoping to make it into an evening bag, I will put a picture on here if it turns out OK.

Finally the card I have done for my son-in-law was inspired by a picture on Hope & Chances Creativity, Christine kindly gave a link to Angela Dodson's blog. Her one is much better than mine, but I was quite happy with the finished card. I only had a very dark grey leather look card, it doesn't show up the grain as much as Angela's does. I will have to get some lighter card from Hope & Chances.

So thanks to all you lovely ladies that have inspired me with these projects.

Thanks for looking in, your comments are always appreciated, take care
Sue xx


  1. Evening Sue, love the bag and the bunny blanket, and what an original idea for a card. Bring it to club tomorrow so that I can copy it !!!! Janice x

  2. Evening Sue, what a lovely bag and bunny blanket. The card is really original and an ideal mans card. Janice xx

  3. WOW, das sind fantastisch schöne Arbeiten...Kompliment!
    Liebe Grüsse von Bea