Tuesday, 24 June 2014

If You don't Like Bugs, LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

Hi Everyone
Just had to let you all see my little visitor that was on my wall yesterday.
It was a Female Stag Beetle, the Male has long antlers, (that was the only way I checked it out LOL!!)
It was about 2 inches long and was very good at staying in position for me to photograph it.
It flew away as soon as I was done, the wing span must have made it up to at least 3 inches wide (THAT'S BIG)
I thought it was a lesser stag beetle at first but it has a different back markings. We get them come into our garden every year, but this was the first POSER !!
Cute isn't it Ha Ha!!
I promise the next photo's I put on will be of my craft work, just couldn't resist this one.
Take care everyone
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, with it being on your wall for a while you could have put some gems or glitter on it then it would have been ok to put on your blog LOL !! Janice x

  2. Hi Sue,
    looking at your picture of the Beetle, reminds me of when my DH and I were Holidaying near Cambridge on my brother in laws boat. I had on a green blouse with brown sort of a leaf pattern on it. We were just about to have a picnic on the grass verge near the boat, when I felt something tickle my forearm, on looking down I saw the most biggest and beautiful green beetle I have ever seen before or since. I calmly took it over to the base of a tree and put it there, but low and behold a few minutes later it had returned to my arm. Luckily it stayed at the bottom of the tree the next time. I still don't know what type he was but he was the biggest beetle I have ever seen, he was as you described yours 2" in length and bout 3" in width. I was commended by our friends for not panicing.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.