Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tissue Box holders

Hi Everyone
Last winter when it was miserable I was knitting loads of  gloves, hats and scarves, I think I got up to 13 or 14 sets, once I gave a set  to my daughter she picked up loads of orders for me (thanks Carol xxx)

Anyway this long miserable winter has driven me to the knitting wool again, this time it's Tissue Box holders.  I use the plastic mesh. When stitched I cover each piece on the wrong side with card to form a lining (smartens it up a bit). I sew a flap onto the bottom to release the box of tissues, keeping it in place with button and loop so that when lifting the box it stays in tact.  I have seen these without the flap so when you pick it up you leave the tissues behind LOL!!
Well it's a bit of fun, I am now on box number 5, I think I have had enough of this, back to cards I think or quilting, mmmmm?????
I think spring must be on the way, a very dear friend gave me a few bunches of dafodil buds yesterday, as I have been having a bit of a rough time lately (that's another story) well blow me down when I came into the lounge this morning every bud was in full bloom  SPRING HAS SPRUNG hurray!!!!   They are beautiful, Thank you Maureen xxx
Well that's it for now, I will add some cards in a minute so here's the boxes

Thanks for looking
Sue xx


  1. Sue your tissue boxes are a super idea.
    Pity we didn't love closer you could teach me how to do them.

  2. Hi Sue - I've missed blogging for a while now and am just catching up. I love your covers for tissue boxes, they are amazing. Such a good idea to put the flap on as well - lol. I just totally think they are superb.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx