Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Birthday Cards

As I said in previous post, here are a couple of cards I have made today.  My dear hubby has been a bit under the weather again today so I went and locked myself away playing with card, in between doing my nursing chores.
The blue card with kite is for one of my many little grandsons, he has a birthday next week and loves kites, although he's now at the age where he will be more interested in what is inside it than the card haha!!  They do love their pennies don't they. The kite pattern is from Anns Paper Arts pattern number a701
The other card is from an idea I saw in a magazine, as I love quilting I couldn't resist this one. A friend recently gave me the haberdashery dies, so I picked a few bits and pieces from the set and cut out using foiled card in a lovely dark pink, when I was making it I had it in mind for a lady at one of the clubs, it took ages to make, cutting out all the hexagons and fiddling around with it, I am not sure if I am going to part with it yet LOL!!    I will see if I can resist the urge to keep it.

Well that's all for now, hope you are all OK
Take care, and thanks for looking
Sue xx


  1. Sue your cards are delightful I am sure that your GS will be thrilled to bits with his card.
    Great to see that you are able to find time to lock yourself away for some Sue. time. Take care.

  2. Love the cards Sue. Are the hexagons made out of fabric or card? Janice x

  3. Thanks ladies.
    Janice the hexagons are done in card this time round, it was very fiddly, I thought I would try material next time, but it would have to be a special card for someone special. I wasn't sure how it would turn out so thought card best as I wouldn't mind ditching it if I didn't like it. Sue x

  4. Super cards, adore the hexagon one, I can imagine it took quite a long time but what a fantastic result :) xx

  5. How spooky Sue, I have just been over on Crafty Lou's Small World site and she had dome a tutorial on patchwork paper with hexagon shapes. I do think it is lovely and I love your patchwork piece above.

    The kite card is also amazing, love the image I bet your grandson loved it.

    Before I go I would just like to say that I am sorry you are having a few problems at the moment, I do hope things get better soon.

    Big hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  6. Hi Sue,

    Both cards are beautiful, the patchwork must have taken ages to do, but what a result, I also love the kite card, your grandson will be thrilled, well done my dear friend,

    Love and hugsssss Sue x