Monday, 3 June 2013

Farmer Duck School Bags

Hi again, yes twice in one day, whatever next haha!!

These are 2 bags I made for my daughters school, she works with the little ones and her favourite
story she tells them is Farmer Duck.  I have made the big sack for her to put all the words, masks and books in, and lots of other related items.  The smaller bag is for the children to take it in turns to take
a toy and other bits and pieces home for showing to their family.  I know this all sounds double dutch but honestly it does make sense when you see it all together.  :)

I used material to do the printing on that I use for quilt labels and then rummaged my stash, I found this animal print material left from a project and hey presto we have 2 bags.

She has just phoned me and the bags have proved really popular so it looks like I am going to do Elmar the elephant, and Gruffalo just for starters.  I don't mind really, I thoroughly enjoyed making them to be honest.
Hope you like them
Thanks for looking
Take care
Sue xx


  1. Sue the Farmer duck bags are adorable.
    Great to see your creative side.

  2. Love the bags Sue, I can see that you are going to be in great demand making bags for all the children's favourite characters. Oh well, keeps you out of mischief !!! Janice x

  3. absolutely great Sue!
    Good to see you posting :)

    Hugs karin xx