Sunday, 9 April 2017

Owl Blanket

Hi Everyone
Well at last I have completed this blanket. It was a bit of a nightmare and I nearly gave up on it a few times.
After it travelled across the room and put away in bits I thought one more go, and hey presto it went together as easy as pie.
I wanted to get it completed before I go to Moorfields Eye hospital on Tuesday as I know that I am going to be out or action for a while, I thought if I put it away it would probably stay there haha!!
It would have a been another round-to-it job.  ( I have quite a few of them LOL)


A few wonky eyes, but never mind, (I call it character)

Thanks for looking, 
take care everyone
I hope to be back again before too long.
Happy crafting

Sunday, 12 March 2017

50th Birthday Card

Hi everyone

I have just been updating other blogs and realised I haven't done mine

I only have one for this week, I am rather pleased as I have managed to do some beading on a stitched pattern. The first time for months as I haven't been able to see the holes in the beads LOL!! I have to admit that I missed the holes a few times but persevered and got it done.
Hope you like it.

The other blogs I attend to are

comments on those would also be much appreciated.

Have a good crafting week
Love Sue xx

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone
I have actually managed to complete some cards today.
As it was a nice day I had enough light in my workshop (summerhouse) to get tucked in.
I have managed to do some stitching lately, I will be so pleased to get my eyes sorted and get back to the stitching properly. I find it a strain at the moment.

The first three are designs from A & N , you probably can't see it very well but I have put the lovely googly eyes on it.

The next one below is from one of Anns Paper Art patterns and I have stitched in onto patterned paper

And one below for the men.  I bought a load of dies from China, and well happy with them, they cut beautifully and mainly are very cheap. So don't take much thinking about how to put them together

Thanks for looking in, have a really good crafting week. 
Hopefully will be able to put more on soon
Comments will be very much appreciated
Take care
Sue xx

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Elephant Grrrr!!!!

Well all last I have finished this project. It is the hardest thing I have ever made, and you've guessed it I will never do this again.
The finished elephant is 21 inches long and 11 inches tall.
It was an absolute nightmare to put together, I undid it  3 times before I finally came to the idea of pinning bits of paper on each piece numbering them all before starting again from scratch.  Only 43 pieces in total. (just a few Lol!!)

I have to thank my friend Janice for suggesting that I make it.  It's her turn now haha!!!

Good luck Janice !!!

The only thing good about it is that I have used up a lots of odds and ends of wool, so my stash is a lot smaller now

Don't know what  I am going to do with it now 😀😕😏

I will be really pleased when I have had my eyes done and finally get back to sensible crafting.

Take care everyone, happy crafting.

Love Sue xx

Sunday, 29 January 2017

2 Birthday cards and another hat

Hi Everyone
I have just recently bought some dies from China, they took their time getting here but well worth it.
Apart from being as cheap as chips they cut really well. Here are a couple of the cards I have made so far, I plenty more to do but at the moment things are taking me a while to do as focusing is getting a bit difficult on close up, although I can see at distance, that's not good when you are trying to make cards, my arms aren't long enough LOL!!!

The hat below is similar to the last one I made recently, but a lot smaller. They are nice and quick to make, the flowers take most of the time, but I must admit I love doing them. 

Thanks for looking in. Comments will be really appreciated
Have a good crafting week
Love Sue xx

Saturday, 14 January 2017


Hi Everyone

I am so pleased I can keep going with my crocheting until my eyes get fixed.  With the help of my glasses I can keep crocheting but the card stitching is still a bit difficult.  I do a little bit at a time so as not to strain my eyes.  Hopefully won't be too long before I have the ops and get back to some sort of normality.

I couldn't resist doing this pretty little hat. Thanks to Red Haired Amazona on pinterest I got the pattern for it. She had translated from a Russian Lady to 4 ply, I have managed to do this in double knit. I loved doing it the hat was fairly quick to make and I had great fun making the flowers and leaves to decorate it. I am pleased with the results and now have to decide who will get it. It is a childs size so I expect someone will soon claim it.  Hopefully will fit about a 5 - 7 year old, just need a model to check it out for me haha!!

The next item is the lap blanket I made for my daughter at Christmas. The lettering is done by Puff Stitch.  The word on bottom left corner says sweet.  I had done it in dark purple so the word doesn't show up very well.

Thanks for looking, any comments will be appreciated.

Take care Sue xxx

Monday, 7 November 2016

Some Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone

Well as I haven't posted on here since June I thought it best to show a few.

The first two cards are made using the Tagxedo programme. It's a fantastic site where you can put on your own words, pick a shape and choose a selection of colours.  I am rather hooked on it, it's great fun.

The next one I used the Pixie Powders, diecut the piece of card and then embossed it.
It is another new thing I have tried, great fun, and also addictive.


The final 2 are just plain straight forward cards, the man one was for my brother in law, he loves trains so thought it quite fitting.

Well that's all for now.  I will try not to leave it too long before the next lot.

I also do the entries on 2 other blogs so why not have a look in.

Thanks for looking in, comments will be appreciated

Happy Crafting  Sue xx